Divisão Velopata

Velopata had an idea and by now the dearest readers already know that isn´t always a good thing.

This was an ideia that had been nurturing on Velopata´s head but it has now moved from brain matter to the real world; there is a new club on Strava, hosted by this dear friend of yours – The Velopata Ultra Division.

What´s Velopata´s plan with this, besides more work?

For start it will be a way for Velopata to become more interactive with the millions of his fans around the globe, but it will also be a opportunity to create a ranking system that will be fully analysed by Velopata, whenever time allows him to, since little Velopata Junior is on it´s way and those of you who have already enjoyed parenthood, surely know the drill.

It will also allow Velopata to keep a weekly record of the member´s stats, that by the end of the year may culminate on a gala dinner with awards being distributed. Wouldn´t this be awesome?

So this club is to all those out there who, like Velopata, enjoy riding their bicycles, no matter which purpose or end. You can be a simple commuter or the most hardcore full blown wanker in the men´s amateur peloton. Velopata´s got a place for you in his club.

So please join the club but keep in mind that… You´re joining at your own risk ´cause either way you´ll end up being mocked or praised by Velopata and the rest of his entourage!


Keep them pedals turnin´,


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