The Wind that shakes the Cyclist

Dead Can Dance.

If the most dearest of readers don´t know this amazing ensemble of musicians then surely you were asleep or in a coma during the eighties or nineties. Or probably even´t born yet which in that case it´s just your most dear parent´s fault for not having earphones on mum´s belly thus providing the elfish-like music these beautiful people provide us with.

Velopata woke up feeling all empowered. Took No-Control Bitch out for her morning physiological businesses and noticed what a great day of early Spring it was. Back home, he prep´d up and as he left… There it was, the most horrible and nasty wind lifted up changing a calm and sweet pedal-in-the-park ride into a horrible nightmare of sore legs, Strava PW´s (it stands for Personal Worst something Strava should invest on), and carbon frightening, heart-failure inducing near crashes.

Feeling miserable for having to abort a ride, Velopata then decided to write down a lament, dedicated to all those, whom like Velopata are stubborn enough to try and go for a ride, even when every cell in the body and fiber in the carbon say that it´s just not a good idea.

The original Dead Can Dance song you can find here. Feel free to sing along and if the dear reader´s voice doesn´t sound like shredded glass or a cat being skinned alive, like Velopata´s voice, then it would truly be amazing if anyone could send Velopata a video of themselves, in full aero lycra, helmet and bicycle, karaoking this remarkable track. Will this ever happen? Probably not but it would be a hell of a video for Velopata to share on his blog and bookface page.


The Wind that shakes the Cyclist

I sat within the saddle, neat

I sat me in my red love

My sad heart saw the wind between

The bed love and the ride love.

The strong wind that made me think

Of my bed dearly.

While nasty wind blew down the frame,

And shook the awesome cyclist.

´Twas hard the wind that blew the carbon

To break the resins that bound the fibers.

But harder still to bear the shame

of givin´ up and back to bed.

And so I rode the mountain again

I´ll crash on the down slopes early

But I´ll join the bold belgian´s men

While nasty winds shook the awesome cyclist.

´Twas said I gave up in tears

My fond legs hurt but this´s no training.

The wind´s a foe, the aero won´t save you

The high profile wheels are killing.

A tree branch hit my red love´s frame

´Twas supposed to be Spring early,

And for my carbon felt like I died

While nasty winds shook the awesome cyclist.

Through gears and cogs, so much remorse

I should´ve taken to the turbo.

I lay my true love´s tired carbon frame

As Saint Peter smiles for winning.

Around her pedestal I´ve wandered in dread,

Next day and morning early

I´ll ride again unless I hear

The nasty wind that shakes the awesome cyclist.

Keep them pedals turnin´,


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